Tennis, Emily?
Stan Connors with Bob outside his office
Season 1
Episode 3
Production No. 7253
Air date Sept. 30, 1972
Director(s) Alan Rafkin
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Tennis, Emily? is the third episode of Season 1 of The Bob Newhart Show. It originally aired on September 30, 1972.


Bob gets jealous when Emily's handsome new tennis instructor, Stan Connors, comes to see him with a problem — his inability to turn down women who are attracted to him. Bob tries to convince Stan that it's only his imagination, until the pro makes a revelation about Emily.


During Emily's summer vacation from teaching, she realizes she's bored. One day after Bob gets home, Emily informs him she is taking up tennis. As a side note, she says that her tennis instructor Stan Connors has some personal problems and recommends him to Bob.

When Bob meets Stan for the first time, he finds out that he's incredibly good-looking and can't stop being with woman after woman. Then Bob realizes Emily is one of the women he's attracted to.

Later, Bob and Emily discuss it which makes Bob feel better. But when Stan is invited to a small party they're having, Stan thinks Emily was coming on to him. When Bob brings up the issue, Emily makes it quite clear that nothing was happening. Bob then realizes that it's mostly in Stan's imagination.


This episode aired in September, which would have been the beginning of the school year. But the episode takes place after the school year ended, which would be the beginning of summer, possibly in June.


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