Hello, and welcome to The Bob Newhart Show Wiki.

This is a wiki-based online encyclopedia containing in-depth information about the popular TV series The Bob Newhart Show that aired on CBS from 1972-1978.


On June 24, 2014, User:BellaLugosi created the wiki. A week later, it was abandoned and sat dormant for a year. Then on July 26, 2015, User:Dubya Scott officially adopted it and brought it back to life.

Rules and policiesEdit

Like all wikis, there are a few guidelines that need to be followed. Failure to follow any of these rules could result in a ban.

  • Civility - Be civil. It's as simple as that. No personal attacks. Treat other users with respect. They are people too and also want to be a part of this community, so let's welcome them in.
  • Censorship - This is a wiki for everyone, so let's keep it clean. No dirty nor derogatory images or words.
  • Plagiarism - While it's easy to just copy and paste something from a Wikipedia article, it's considered plagiarism. Instead of taking something someone else wrote, let's rewrite it in our own words.
  • Point of view - All articles should be written in a third-person point of view. In other words, don't use words like "I" or "me". It should read like a text-book.
  • Vandalism - Going through articles and purposely vandalizing them is strictly prohibited and will always result in a ban. Only add information to an article when it benefits the content.

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